Hello Reader,
        It looks like as of at least Windows 10 1803 a new change has come to an old registry key. The NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate key found in ‘SYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFileSystem’ no longer is just a true/false 1/0 value. It now has four possible values stating how the access dates in NTFS were enabled or disabled.

Looking at my laptop’s registry I can see the following value is currently set:

which leads to the question of… what does 80000002 mean? Luckily fsutil will translate the current value for us:

So the 8 appears to be some kind of upper bit masking while the 2 is the value set letting us know that NTFS Access updates are currently disabled by system policy.

Checking the set behavior command in fsutil shows us all the possible documented options:

As you can see we’ve moved from two possible states (on/off, true/false, 0/1) to four. The system is now tracking if the user or the system has enabled or disable last access dates in NTFS.

Why? I have no idea currently but it certainly does add more context to the decision. So all of you who have tools that interpret this value will need to update your tools!